Intergenerational Communities 

We promote community developments that encourage interaction and cooperation between individuals of different ages and focus on the needs of all residents, especially children and older adults.


This place-based approach to community building focuses on a specific, market driven geographic areas, such as neighbourhoods, towns, or municipalities.


Intergenerational communities include leadership opportunities for all ages, multi-generational programming, housing options, transportation or workforce policies and facilities that address the needs of residents of all ages. 


Beneficial Outcomes

  • Increased social connectedness

  • Increased social cohesion

  • Increased civic participation

  • Improved health outcomes



Intergenerational communities are a known alternative that increases social connectednes, and civic participation. 


Evidence has proven that a

successful approach to establishing an intergenerational community is through selection of key partnerships with local organizations.  This approach 

seems to ensure benefits for individuals in both urban and rural settings.


Increasing opportunities for civic participation and community engagement also improves physical and emotional health among older adults.

Our plan is to include a percentage of affordable housing units within each of these communities.

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