Environmental Planning

Environment consultants are experienced in assessing site features, including but not limited to lakes, watercourses, wetlands, grasslands, and forests.  They are able to provide a wide range of ecological consulting services. Their primary goal is to evaluate and manage environmental risk to achieve practical solutions.


There is an rapidly increasing awareness of the importance

of preserving our natural environment that is being 

addressed more often these days in changing municipal policies and legislation that may also govern and impact on how you may use of your land.



Provincial and municipal policies recognize the evaluation of the natural environment as a key component of the decision making process when land use change is proposed (e.g., for severance, subdivision, or re-zoning).


Environment consultants have

the expertise to coordinate and complete a review and a plan for the natural environment components of your project.


Beginning with due diligence,

then through natural heritage and impact assessments and effective communication

of the results to the government and other agencies involved, environmental experts are much more of

a requirement today than in the past.



Water treatment systems and individual on-site wastewater management systems have the potential to impact water quality.


Environment consultants perform site suitability analyses and water quality impact assessments for individual landowners requiring private sewage treatment systems, where discharge of treated effluent to water bodies is required.



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