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Given the growing lack of availability of affordable homes, as well as the rapid increase of costs, it is of no surprise that many are downsizing to homes that are smaller, more efficient , sustainably designed and easily maintained. More and more interest is is now being shown by Baby Boomeers (1946-1965), Generation-X (1965-1980) and Millennials (1980-1995)

For those who will soon be heading into retirement, or who are now living in overly expensive retirement homes, downsizing into a 55+ or multigenerational pocket 

community is an exciting 



A smaller house inevitably leads to a simpler lifestyle and is less expensive to own and maintain, which is something most of us are striving for.


Whether you’re looking for a simple escape from the grid,

a uniquely designed cottage,

a "greener" lifestyle, or a practical add-on to your existing cottage, smaller prefab homes are a great way to achieve your goals.


Our homes range in size from a modest 450 sq ft two bedroom unit and up.  



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