Net Zero Energy

Pocket Communities

We are planning to build a series of pocket communities, close to Montreal, initially in

the Laurentian and the eastern township areas.

Pocket communities provide a range of housing types with a choice of tenures including buying, renting, rent to own, or life-lease. 

These communities will also offer a range of affordable 

housing opportunities to meet the needs of young families and autonomous seniors.

Our goal is to bring individuals

and families together in smaller “community” groups to share common interests and activities while also enjoying self-contained accommodations and their own personal space.


The primary features of our pocket communities are that:

  • They are managed by their members for mutual benefit,

  • Members are consciously committed to living as a community,

  • The neighbourhoods are designed to encourage social contact and to build a sense of community among members.


Common spaces allow for shared activities, like a community café, numerous activity options, and other amenities like shared gardens, common tool shed, arts and 

crafts studio, business centre  outdoor barbeque, picnic shelter, swimming pool and more. 

Homes in our communities will 

exceed conventional standards of construction in terms of insulation and air-tightness and will integrate the best in solar- thermal and PhotoVoltaic 

technologies to achieve net zero energy. 


Buildings will also include 

options for harvesting rainwater to displace potable water for toilet flushing as well as outdoor irrigation. 


These pedestrian oriented communities create delightful living environments leaving one to wonder: Why do we not build all of our neighbourhoods this way?

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