Are you looking for a smaller, more manageable home in a quiet community.  Many people, and particularly baby boomers, are now seeking a place where they can share their interests with like-minded people.  They are looking for plenty of space to walk their dogs, swim in heated indoor /outdoor pools, play minigolf or tennis or shuffleboard, join in with a photography group or woodcarving club, and become friends with many like-minded residents.

A growing number of baby boomers are chosing to settle 

into these lifestyle communities across Canada.  Not to be confused with retirement homes, these communities are places where people can live active lifestyles, without the bustle of busy working people or the around-the-clock sounds of noisy children or sometimes 

rascally teenagers.

More of these community developments will be built in the coming years as the boomer generation gets older and retires, or at least semi-retires.

Statistics Canada projections have indicated that one in four Canadians will be 65 or older by 2036, compared to one in six in 2018. 

The demand for this type of housing will only increase in the next few of decades.

Given current conditions in the United States, more Canadians are considering buying retirement property in Canada.  More Americans are also expected to buy housing in Canada, where their money now goes much further.

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